The modern real estate sector is undergoing drastic changes due to accelerated urbanisation, changing regulations, and dynamic demographic trends. These transformations are shaping the new face of the real estate market, with changed property values, changing demand for certain types of real estate, and new financing challenges.

This dynamic environment imposes new demands on all those operating in the real estate sector, requiring a rethinking of traditional approaches and exploring innovative solutions to improve business efficiency.

Egzakta Advisory is a reliable partner in the real estate sector, cooperating with investors, property owners, service providers, and various actors in the market. Our team of experts supports companies to adapt to the dynamic market, implement innovation and new technologies, and improve their strategy and performance. With a focus on your specific needs, we enable you to achieve sustainable growth, gain competitive advantages, and become leaders in this demanding sector.


Our Experts

In the real estate ecosystem, every situation requires special knowledge and approach. That is why Egzakta Advisory has assembled a team of experts with experience in various aspects of the real estate market. Our goal is to provide comprehensive and precisely tailored solutions that will meet each client's unique challenges.

Nenad Tešić


Zoran Radisavljević


Ivana Višnjić

Junior partner

Vuk Subotić

Senior biznis analitičar