Manufacturing Industry


Although the backbone of the economy, the manufacturing industry faces significant challenges such as low productivity, outdated technology, and lack of innovation. Companies must continuously improve their operations to achieve growth and development in this environment.

We provide professional support to companies from the processing sector to increase efficiency and competitiveness. Our solutions aim to introduce modern technologies, optimise processes, and increase productivity. We primarily help companies to introduce new, innovative technologies and equipment, restructure and automate production processes, establish modern quality management systems, and increase energy efficiency.

Our goal is to provide expertise and support to companies to improve their performance and position under the requirements of the modern market. We will gladly share our knowledge and experience with any company ready for optimisation and technological progress.

  • Production 
    of electrical equipment:

    It is characterised by increasing automation of production. The focus is on the development of electric vehicles and the digitisation of the entire user experience, which opens new opportunities for manufacturers and challenges in reengineering production processes. 

  • Textile and clothing production:

    The textile sector faces the challenges of fast fashion and sustainability. Companies are increasingly introducing eco-friendly materials such as recycled fibres and organic cotton. Automation and digitisation enable mass personalisation of garments and reduction of waste in production.

  • Production of metal products:

    The metal processing sector is increasingly introducing automation, robotisation, and digitisation in its plants. Machine learning and artificial intelligence enable process optimisation and waste reduction. Advanced production techniques, such as additive manufacturing, are also becoming popular. 

  • Production of paper and paper products:

    The paper manufacturing sector optimises its processes to reduce harmful emissions and waste. Technologies for fibre recycling and reuse are increasingly being introduced. Paper manufacturers are also developing innovative packaging solutions with improved barrier properties and lower mass per product unit. 

Companies in the manufacturing industry must constantly adapt to the latest trends and technologies to survive in the global game. We at Egzakta Advisory understand these challenges and have the expertise to help our clients transform in line with market demands. Our consultants combine strategic thinking with technical knowledge to help companies implement solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, and gain a competitive advantage.

Our Experts

Our experts have rich experience and a deep understanding of all aspects of the processing sector. Their expertise includes mapping and optimising the production process, introducing state-of-the-art industrial solutions, reengineering business processes, and consulting on scaling-up measures.

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