Gaming & eSport


With rapid technological development, the video game and eSports industry is experiencing incredible progress. What was once just a hobby and fun has now grown into a serious industry with great potential for growth and success. Mobile games, eSports competitions, streaming platforms, and virtual reality are some of the key trends shaping this dynamic industry.

At Egzakta Advisory, we deeply understand the complexity and dynamics of the gaming and eSports industry. Our team of experts provides consulting services designed to help companies in this sector seize opportunities and achieve sustainable growth. With a careful approach and a complete understanding of the market, together with our clients, we explore innovative ways to monetise, develop new technologies, and expand the business.

Whether you are a gaming company looking for market expansion strategies, an eSports organisation looking to improve its competition, or a technology firm focused on game development - we are here to support you and guide you on your way to success. Our experience in management consulting and expertise in the gaming and eSports industry make us the ideal partner for achieving your goals and overcoming challenges in this dynamic and competitive sphere.

Together, we can shape your future in the gaming and eSports industry and lay the foundation for long-term success.

Our Experts

Thanks to considerable dedication, presence, and education within the industry, our experts have gained experience and a deep understanding of this global phenomenon, its fans, communities, and the entire ecosystem. Meet our leadership team for consulting in the gaming and eSports sector.

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